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What does the customer exclusive label mean?

If you have previously purchased one of our fonts, you now have access to unpublished fonts in our typeface overview that you can try and purchase. These fonts are exclusively available to our customers. To access them, please ensure you are logged in.

Jobs & Internships

Thank you for your interest! While we're not actively seeking new team members at the moment, you are welcome to send us your portfolio for future opportunities.

Who needs a Licence?

Everyone who want to use and install our Font-Software needs a licence.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Apple Pay. All payments go securely through Stripe. We don’t store any credit card information. After a successful transaction, we will confirm your order and send a confirmation e-mail to you. For larger orders, we accept bank transfers and Bitcoin.

Do you offer Custom Typefaces?

Yes, we accept custom typeface commissions. We also offer modification and extension of our existing typefaces. Please get in touch to learn more.

Can I purchase a licence for my client?

Yes, during the checkout process you can select who this license is for and who the license holder is.

Where can I find my invoice?

Your order information, licenses, and invoices can be found in your account. You can also access this information here.

Can I use your fonts to make a logo?

Yes! Make sure the brand who is using the logo has a logo and desktop license.

What format are typefaces supplied in?

Desktop, App, Social Media and Logo license fonts are delivered as .OTF format (variable fonts as .TTF).
Web license are delivered in .WOFF and .WOFF2 format (variable fonts as .WOFF2).

Do your fonts support my language?

All of our typefaces cover most languages that are based on the Latin alphabet. Please contact us if your language is not supported, and we can try to meet your requirements.

How to add my VAT number?

If your registered location is within Europe, you can enter your EU VAT-Number. Once you have chosen an item in our shop, you will find an input field in your “Cart”. You can also input this at any time in your account settings.
If you are located in Germany, we will charge the current VAT rate. If you are registered in the European Union, you can avoid VAT charges by entering a valid VAT number. (Reverse Charge) All purchases outside the European Union will be free of VAT charge.

More questions?

Please get in touch mail@ultra-kuhl.com

Desktop/Print License

● Our Desktop License is the basic license everyone needs who installs our fonts and creates or uses them for both digital and printed materials, static images, books, brochures, catalogs, and similar assets for a single brand.
● You can install our fonts on all of your devices within the licensed brand.
● Desktop licenses are measured based on the number of employees working for the licensed brand.

Web Licence

● With a web license you can embed and self-host our fonts with the @font-face CSS method.
● A Web license is for one domain, if you want to use the fonts on another domain you’ll have to buy another separate web license.
● Web licenses are measured based on the monthly page views of a website.

App Licence

● You can embed the font within one app
● Your app can be a game, mobile app or similar applications
● Your app can run on any operating system or software platform without restrictions.
● App licenses are measured based on the total downloads of your app by end users.

Social Media Licence

● With a Social Media License you can use all content materials across all your brands social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and similar channels.
● Social Media licenses are measured based on the total number of all followers combined over all platforms.

Logo Licence

● You can use our fonts for a logo or a wordmark for one brand.
● Logo Licenses are add-on licenses. Your brand will also need an additional desktop license.
● Your designer can use design software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) to create outlines of our fonts to customise your logo or wordmark.

Corporate Licence

● Install fonts on an unlimited number of Licensee-owned devices, with unlimited employees and unlimited user.
● Embed fonts on one Licensee-owned website domain with unlimited web traffic.
● Embed fonts on one Licensee-owned app with unlimited downloads.
● Use fonts on all your social media platforms with unlimited followers.
● Use fonts for an unlimited number of logo’s for your brand.
This license is designed for larger companies seeking a worry-free font license. If you're interested, please get in touch with us for more information.

Add-on License

We also offer Add-on license:
● 3rd Party Supplier
● Broadcast
● TV, Cinema
● Online Ads
● TV ads
● E-Pub
● Server

Please get in touch to discuss how to work out a tailored license plan specific to you.

Free Updates

We review and update our products frequently. If a font you have a license for is updated by our team, you can download the new version free of charge in your accounts order section.


  • [A small selection of Companies, Studios and Agencies owning a license of our typefaces.]

  • Aargauer Kunsthaus
  • Akson Studio
  • Apple Music
  • BBC
  • Bacardi Martini
  • Bielke Yang
  • Code and Theory
  • Crown Media
  • Design By Woman
  • Firmament
  • GoCardless
  • GQ
  • Humbold Forum
  • Korzo
  • Mediengruppe RTL
  • MetaDesign AG
  • Metacore Games
  • Minted
  • Modern Post
  • Narmi
  • S&P Global
  • MetaDesign
  • Ragged Edge
  • Squarespace
  • Stan Hema GmbH
  • Telenet Group
  • Vestiaire Collective

  • [We offer beside retail typefaces and different licenses a range of type related services.]

  • Custom Typefaces
  • Customization of existing Typefaces
  • Font modifications
  • Logo refinements

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