By purchasing, downloading, installing, using or otherwise handling Ultra Kuhl (the “Licensor”) Font Software (hereafter “font(s)”), you the Licensee (eg. “you”) and any Subcontractors agrees to the following End User License Agreement (hereafter “Agreement”). The Licensee is granted a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable font license upon full payment. Font delivery follows full payment, and ownership remains with us, reserving all not granted rights. Any previously made proposal or agreement between you and the Licensor get replaced and superset with this agreement.


* Most important, everyone who installs our fonts needs a license.

* All standard license are one-off payments.

* If your company is growing beyond the license metrics you purchased, a license upgrade is required.

* Purchased fonts will remain copyright to the Licensor.


Our Desktop License is the basic license everyone needs who installs our fonts and creates or uses them for both digital and printed materials, static images, books, brochures, catalogs, and similar assets for a single brand.

* You can install our fonts on all of your devices within the licensed brand.

* Desktop licenses are measured based on the number of employees working for the licensed brand.


* With a web license you can embed and self-host our fonts with the @font-face CSS method.

* A Web license is for one domain, if you want to use our fonts on another domain you’ll have to buy another separate web license.

* Web licenses are measured based on the monthly page views of a website.


* You can embed the font within one app.

* Your app can be a game, mobile app or similar applications.

* Your app can run on any operating system or software platform without restrictions.

* App licenses are measured based on the total downloads of your app by end users.


* With a Social Media License you can use all content materials across all your brands social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and similar channels.

* Social Media licenses are measured based on the total number of all followers combined over all platforms.


* You can use our fonts for a logo or a wordmark for one brand.

* Logo Licenses are add-on licenses. Your brand will also need an additional desktop license.

* Your designer can use design software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) to create outlines of our fonts to customise your logo or wordmark.


* With a Sub-Contractor license you can pre-buy a desktop license for one contractors (like Designer, Agencies, etc.)

* Contractors will use our fonts to create content only for your brand.

* All Sub-Contractor licenses are managed by you.

* You can share our fonts with your contractors and they are bound to the standard EULA.


* Install fonts on an unlimited number of Licensee-owned devices, with unlimited employees and unlimited user.

* Embed fonts on one Licensee-owned website domain with unlimited web traffic.

* Embed fonts on one Licensee-owned app with unlimited downloads.

* Use fonts on all your social media platforms with unlimited followers.

* Use fonts for an unlimited number of logo’s for your brand.

* This license is designed for larger companies seeking a worry-free font license. If you're interested, please get in touch with us for more information.


* The Student License is available to individuals who are currently enrolled as students at an accredited educational institution. To qualify for this license, the Licensee must provide proof of student status if requested, such as a valid student ID or enrolment confirmation.

* The Student License grants the Licensee the right to use the Font Software solely for self-created projects related to their educational curriculum and personal portfolio.

* The Licensee may use the Font Software for commercial purposes, including but not limited to client projects, paid freelance work, or any other activity intended for monetary gain.

* In the event that the Licensee is no longer eligible for student status, the Student License will be terminated, and the Licensee must cease all use of the Font Software under this license.

* The Student License only covers personal use; clients must obtain their own accurate license for any client work.


* As a designer, you can use our trial fonts when pitching projects to your clients. However, once you start creating materials for a client, you'll need a license. Your client also needs a license as soon as they use your work with our fonts in public.

* Trial licenses allows you to test and preview our fonts and should be not used in any commercial or personal project.


* Don’t modify our fonts or rename them. If you’re interested in a customised version of our fonts, please contact us.

* Don’t convert our fonts into different formats. (Like .OTF into .WOFF)

* Don’t use our font data, paths designs, metrics or kerning data to create new fonts.

* Don’t share the font with unauthorised third parties.

* You may not sell, lend or give away any version of our fonts.

* Don’t use our fonts in a political context without permission.

* Don’t use our fonts in a violent or discriminating context.

* Any breach could result in contract termination or voiding the warranty.


You are aware software could be never completely error-free. In the uncertain case of a material defect, according to the documentation, we will do anything to resolve the problem with you. If you are still not satisfied with our product, the Licensor grant upon receipt a 30-day warranty. The licensee must give the full registered name and email address which matches the previous transaction and certify that no copy remains in his possession or control. If proceeded, the Licensee has to destroy all Font Software copies and we will refund your money, which shall be the limited of our liability. The warranty begins from the day of purchase.

While we make every effort to produce our Font Software to the highest technical standards and thoroughly check for errors, in no circumstance we take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages incurred by users or third parties. This includes damages to hardware, data, software, loss of income, or any other liabilities that may arise due to the use of our Font Software. We are also not liable for any damages resulting from a breach of your obligations, representations, or warranties under this agreement. All Licensor software installed is done so at the Licensee’s risk and we, the Licensor, will not be held responsible.

We do not guaranty all provided functions of our Font Software, according to the documentation, for Microsoft Windows Systems and Microsoft Office Software. Problems caused by using these systems will not affect the warranty and is done at the licensee’s own risk.


Any breach of the terms of this Agreement by you or your employees shall be cause for termination. In the event of termination, if applicable, you agree to immediately return (delete) the Font Software to the Licensor and certify that no copy remains in your possession or control.


In case any regulation in this agreement becomes invalid, all other conditions in this contract will stay in full force. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. We reserve the right to update our license agreement, at any time without prior consent or notice.


If you have any question, please get in touch - mail@ultra-kuhl.com


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