EULA (End-User License Agreement)

By purchasing, downloading, installing, using or otherwise handling Ultra Kuhl (the "Licensor") Font Software, you the Licensee (eg. “you”) agrees to the following End-User License Agreement (hereafter “Agreement”). Any previously made proposal or agreement between you and the Licensor get replaced and superset with this agreement.



Purchased Font Software will remain copyright to the Licensor.


Under Standart End-User License Agreement, available as Desktop License and Webfont Self-Hosting License, the Licensee is granted the following non-exclusive rights to the Font Software:


– A Desktop License is purchased by one (1) organisation, company or by an individual and is based on the number of permanently employed individuals. Which allows you to install the licensed Font-Software on an unlimited number of computers within your company or legal entity.

– If your company is growing a license update is required. Changes will be measured in a 1 Year timeframe, starting from the purchase date.

– External individuals, like self-employed Freelancer, working on a particular project with our Font-Software will need to purchase a separate license.

– A Desktop License allows you to pass the Font-Software onto a prepress service or printer for output only. If any modification is to be made by a non-licensee then a new license must be purchased for that user.

– All Font-Software purchased through this license will be delivered in OpenType Format (.OTF). It’s not permitted to create .WOFF or .WOFF2 files from .OTF files. (Section 3.0)


– You are purchasing a certain amount of licenses to install the Licensor Font Software on one (1) server. Your license is related to one (1) domain and a specific number of page views per month. If you exceed the number of page views per month you licensed for more then 3 month you have to purchase further licenses.

– The license is not transferable between different domains.

– We reserve the right to request proofs of your website analytic reports to prove your page views per month are below the maximum limit.

– Web Font Software is provided in .WOFF, .WOFF2 and .EOT Format.


– The license allows you to test only our Font Software and may not be used in any commercial or personal project. You may not convert or modify the original font software under any circumstance.

– Trial-Fonts may not install the Font Software on a Server.

– Content created with the Trial-Fonts may not be shared and published until a license got purchased.


We do not allow the user to make any modifications to our Font Software. All modifications must be made by ourselves. You must contact us to discuss any further modifications as a bespoke project. The Licensor don’t offers any support or guarantees the accurate functioning of unauthorised modified Font-Software. In case of an unauthorised modification all existing license of the licensee shall be terminated. (Section 6.0) The Licensor shall be the owner of this modified Font-Software.


You are aware software could be never completely error-free. In the uncertain case of a material defect, according to the documentation, we will do anything to resolve the problem with you. If you are still not satisfied with our product, the Licensor grant upon receipt a 30-day warranty. The licensee must give the full registered name and email address which matches the previous transaction and certify that no copy remains in his possession or control. If proceeded, the Licensee has to destroy all Font Software copies and we will refund your money, which shall be the limited of our liability. The warranty begins from the day of purchase.

4.1 We try to produce our Font Software on the highest technical standards, although every effort has been taken to check these fonts for errors, in no circumstance we take responsibility for damage caused to a user’s hardware, software or a loss of income that may have occurred as a result. All Licensor software installed is done so at the owner’s risk and we, the Licensor, will not be held responsible.

4.2 We do not guaranty all provided functions of our Font Software, according to the documentation, for Microsoft Windows Systems and Microsoft Office Software. Problems caused by using these systems will not affect the warranty and is done at the licensee’s own risk.

4.3 If the Licensor software is misplaced or stolen from a licensed user, we will happily replace the fonts to the licensee. The licensee must give the full registered name and email address which matches the previous transaction. We reserve the right to not resupply font software we think is being used for illegal purposes.


The Licensee undertakes all necessary steps to prevent unauthorised access to the Font Software and all archival copies. If you grant your employees the right to use our Font-Software, you will inform them about the content and conditions of this agreement. You may not sell, lend, give away or share any version of the Font Software. It’s strictly prohibited.


Any breach of the terms of this Agreement by you or your employees shall be cause for termination. In the event of termination, if applicable, you agree to immediately return (delete) the Font Software to the Licensor and certify that no copy remains in your possession or control.


In case any regulation in this agreement becomes invalid, all other conditions in this contract will stay in full force. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. We reserve the right to update our license agreement, at any time without prior consent or notice.


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