In our continuous effort to support the next generation of designers and creatives, we are happy to announce an exciting update to our shop: the introduction of the Student License. Tailored specifically for students, this license represents a significant step forward in making our font software more accessible to those embarking on their educational journey in design and related fields.

Who Is Eligible?

The Student License is designed exclusively for individuals currently enrolled at accredited educational institutions. Whether you're a graphic design major, an architecture student, or pursuing any discipline where our font software can spark creativity, this license is for you.


What Does the Student License Offer?

The essence of our Student License is designed to support and enhance your academic and professional endeavors by providing comprehensive access to our Font Software. This license allows you the flexibility to use our software for any self-created projects, be it for your educational curriculum or your personal portfolio, giving you the freedom to explore your creativity without restrictions. Recognizing the importance of practical experience, we've made provisions for commercial use within this license, meaning you're free to use our Font Software for freelance work or any client projects that contribute to your financial support during your studies. It's a unique opportunity to not only work on academic projects but also to venture into professional workspaces, seamlessly bridging your educational pursuits with real-world applications and fostering your professional growth along the way.


How to Use?

During checkout, you can select the Student License from the license type dropdown menu.

Important to Remember

While the Student License provides broad freedoms, it's important to remember a couple of crucial points. Firstly, the license is valid only for the duration of your enrollment as a student; it will be terminated upon graduation or if you no longer meet the student criteria, at which point all use of the Font Software under this license must cease. If you wish to continue using the license after its termination, you can request an upgrade to a standard license. Secondly, It's also important to remember that the Student License is designated for personal projects only. For projects done on behalf of clients, a separate and appropriate license must be acquired by the clients themselves to ensure compliance and proper use.

Building the Foundation

We hope this update makes our Font Software more accessible to students, aiding in their educational and professional growth. If you have any questions or need further clarification about the Student License, please feel free to reach out to us.

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