Payment Process?

After you did select the fonts you would like to purchase in our shop, you will be asked to select the right amount of license and enter license holders information. Then you will send over to Paypal to complete your purchase. After a successful transaction we will confirm your order and send you an E-Mail with a download link. Please be patient, this process can take up to 24h.

Do you offer Custom Typefaces?

Yes, we accept custom typeface commissions and we do offer modification and extension of our existing typefaces. Please get in touch.

Can I purchase a licence on behalf of someone else?

Yes, please make sure you fill up the "License Holder Information" form with the correct data when you check out.

More questions?

Please get in touch mail@ultra-kuhl.com

What licensing option are available?

Our Retail Typefaces are currently available as Desktop or Web License. If you need any other license option like App, E-book or Broadcasting License please get in touch with us. We can work out a tailored license plan specific for your project and needs. On our license page you will find more detailed information.

What format are typefaces supplied in?

Desktop fonts are delivered as .OTF format and Web license are delivered in .WOFF, .WOFF2 & .EOT format.

Do your fonts support my language?

All our typefaces cover most languages that based on Latin alphabet. You can also overview the font related PDF specimen provided for every font in our "Try" section. Please contact us if your language is not supported and we can try to meet your requirements.